Grizzlecast #3 - (Live from "the Cave" it's the...) High Art Edition

Hey-yoooooo! Howdy folks, Double J back here with another official Grizzlecast hijack'n...once again, this is a Grizzlecast...Grizzle will be your pilot & navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the land of the Garbage Can Dood!

In this "High Art" Edition of the Grizzlecast...Grizzle, himself & Double J (that's me!) discuss all things unplug your ear holes & rub some flint stone to spark the fire in your brain this discussion, we delve into the mysteries of time travel...Cheetos...the Multiverse...Grizzle's 18 year beef over losing an art competition...and last but not least, the mental illness of bang'n horses...thanks for join'n us to get a lil GCD!