Pode #9 - Pizzagate (Exit Here) Edition

Hey-yooooooo! Lets talk Pizzagate here folks...folks of the interwebs, welcome back...thanks for join'n me today to get a lil GCD.  Today we are gonna take an adventure down the dookie ridden pipe dream of perverted pedophile prosperity in our culture today...the worst kid offenders appear to be in our most highly regarded and trusted places of employment within this fine nation of 'Merica!

Plug in and take a gander at the shenanigan infused tale that myself, Double J, here...gets after today...also thoughts and magical balms go out to Grizzle in his time of need...it seems ol Grizzle has come down with an acute case of monkeypox...perhaps now he will stop wrestle'n the local groundhog population.