Pode #15 - A GCD Saloot to the 2017 NFL Season!

Welcome back Folks of the Interwebs...Double J here...I will be your pilot and navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the mind of this particular Garbage Can Dood.

Got a real dandy of a Pode on deck for yall...this Garbage Can Dood's saloon to the 2017 NFL Season.  The 2017 NFL season returns with old teams in new cities, complete with a full blown NFL fan-base shakedown!

Some NFL folks in 2017 are without jobs...and some NFL fans are without teams...perhaps that is the unofficial story line of the 2017 season??

And whatever happened to the NFL Team rap music videos?? Hey NFL time to put some meat in the seats...perhaps yall need to bring Jim McMahon back to drop some dope rhymes!

Anyhow, folks of the interwebs, enjoy this tale!...thanks again for join'n me today to get a lil GCD...

Pode #16 - cover.jpg