Pode #18 - You Asked for it Kevin Bacon!...6 Degrees of Charles Manson!

Welcome back folks of the interwebs...Double J here...I will be your pilot and navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the mind of this particular Garbage Can Dood.

Got a real dandy of a Pode on deck for yall...Kevin Bacon wants a new patsy for the "6 degrees game"??  Well, "You Asked For it Kevin!...6 Degrees of Charles Manson!"...It's Operation GCD's favorite game.

Manson, the mythical man with a myriad of connections intertwined, like a maze throughout the 'Merican landscape...'Merica's tagline could almost be...Freedom, Apple Pie, Charles Manson.

Anyhow, folks of the interwebs, enjoy this tale!...thanks again for join'n us today to get a lil GCD...

Pode #18 - cover art.jpg