Pode #21 - Founding Father Mound Boners - Part 2 & a Half!

Welcome back Folks of the Interwebs...Double J here, I will be your pilot and navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the mind of this particular Garbage Can Dood.

Got a real dandy of a Pode on deck for yall...it's another edition of Founding Father Mound Boners!

'Merican history is the 1776 version of "fake news"...Columbus never discovered 'Merica, Paul Revere never completed a midnight ride, & Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot!

So what is 'Merican history? Does include "Mounds" & the Knights Templar??

Anyhow, Folks of the Interwebs, enjoy this conversation!...thanks again for join'n me today to get a lil GCD...

FFB copy.jpg