Pode #28 - Good Vibrations - OpGCD Mash-Up! (2018 Alt Theory Year End Review)

Welcome back Folks of the Interwebs...Double J here...I will be your not be your pilot and navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the mind of this particular Garbage Can Dood. Folks of the Interwebs we have an outstanding conversation today, a mash-up with the very popular UK podcast, Good Vibrations.

Today, I have the astute honor of join’n Mr. Darren Williams (@DazAltTheory on Twitter) as a guest host in his annual Alternative Theory (“conspiracy theory”) year end review. Darren is a brilliant dood, and Interwebs researcher of many many subjects. Where today Darren shares his 2018 top 10 "conspiracy theory" year end review.

In typical OpGCD fashion, I offer my unique Garbage Can Dood views and opinions on Daz’s top 10 Alternative Theory topics of 2018. You know what I mean “Johnny”??

Anyhow, Folks of the Interwebs, enjoy this conversation!...thanks again for join'n us today to get a lil GCD...

Good Vibrations - Cover Art.jpg