Pode #27 - Messages from the Can - Vol. 2

Welcome back Folks of the Interwebs...Double J here...I will be your pilot and navigator for this shenanigan infused journey into the mind of this particular Garbage Can Dood.

Got a real dandy of a Pode on deck for yall...it's a riveting conversation with my doods, B-rad & Mr. Hodges...a couple of this Garbage Can Dood's favorite doods in this big ol universe.

B-Rad, Mr. Hodges, and myself (Double J, here!) have a round-the-can discussion on numerous GCD type topics...including, “Pizzagate”, the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, & we debate various tenets of space biz. B-Rad & Mr. Hodges are big fans of space, and I (uhhhh, Double J here) feels that “space” was made in a Hollywood basement.

But to start this Pode off the right way…ol B-Rad kicks off the discussion with his own conspiracy theory regarding NFL quarterbacks and the attractiveness of their wives….

Anyhow, Folks of the Interwebs, enjoy this conversation!...thanks again for join'n us today to get a lil GCD...

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